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About Mr. Martel

In search of computational solutions to medical problems, pursuing Honours Software Engineering at McGill University has lured me from quiet Northern BC to bustling Montreal. From bioinformatics to big-data analytics, my biomedical aspirations have mutated into a focus on machine-learning & AI (see my 'interests' on the terminal).

Photo of Logan Martel

Logan's Skills

  • Java App Dev★★★★★
  • Python ML★★★★★
  • JS Hacking★★★★★
  • Bash Tooling★★★★☆
  • R Statistics★★★★☆
  • C Systems★★★★☆
  • SQL Data★★★☆☆
  • Elixir Concurrency★★★☆☆
  • Ruby / Rust / Julia Learning★★★☆☆

Logan's Projects

tiny subset with logos - many more @ my github

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My Resume

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